Sunday, March 13, 2011

Boysssss & Basketball.

Okay people, so what the heck is this "march madness" basketball stuff EVERYONE is talking about? Let me tell you, I have no clue. At least I know that it deals with basketball right? I mean give me a break I learned a lot about football and actually have some what of an idea of what is happening when those guys are out on the field. So, I wanted to blog to everyone about my current situation.

Let me paint a picture for you. I am sitting on my couch with my television directly in front of me, of course with ESPN on. To my left, I have my LOVELY boyfriend, next to him, his roommate Tim and to my right, my boyfriend's brother Ryan. All THREE of them at this moment are creating some sort of basketball bracket and we are sitting in silence as they are concentrating so hard....awkward. (THEY ARE MAKING NOTES PEOPLE!!?!?!) They are planning on uploading a video of some sort of discussion about this bracket stuff. Whatever, I don't know what any of this means. I some what feel like a kid again and we are playing dress up, except with sports and not with pretty pretty princess jewelry. Boys, let me tell you, I don't get them. They say it is hard to understand a woman's mind, PSH...boys are JUST as confusing as we are. Anyways, time to watch a 30 for 30 movie now...on guess what the subject is.....BASKETBALL!!!!!! "The fab five" --- maybe it will be somewhat like Mean Girls....or maybe not..

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